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Posted by k007khalid - May 31st, 2009

Praise God
The miracle of the Prophet reported by the Americans, having spent 100 billion dollars

------------ ------------------------------

The miracle of the Prophet reported by the Americans, having spent 100 billion dollars, and you a

Story that took place in the era of the Prophet peace be upon him ...

"The infidels of Mecca said of the Prophet peace be upon him: if you sincerely Vhq us

Two moon, and Oteke The act of faith, and was the night of Badr, he asked the Messenger of God

May Allah bless him and his Lord to give him the requested ...

Vanhq half moon on top of Mount Safa and Mount Qiqaan half of the corresponding,

Heraa even saw them, they said: Shrna Muhammad, and then said: If it does not Shrna

Can fascinates all people!!

Abu ignorance, he said: be patient to wait for the people of the rural Buncakkakh told it is true,

Otherwise, Sahar Mohamed mind, Though they tell the defection of the moon, said Abu ignorance

And the Pagans may detest: the magic of any ongoing permanent

Ubayy God: (close to broke at the moon and see a sign *

Offer and say the magic constant *, and they lied and they follow their own liking and all is stable and has been *

News came to them doing great wisdom Mzadgr * What * sings very Vetol them ..) "

Story, which ended in Ahdalrcol God's blessings and peace be upon him.

In one of Dr. Zaghloul El-Naggar seminars at a university in Britain, said that the miracle

Split the moon at the hands of the Prophet have been newly established and then tell a story that has proved ...

One of the brothers are interested in the British Muslim name Daoud Mousa, a Petkok

Now the President of the Islamic Party of Britain and intended to run the next

The name of Islam which is spreading in the West at large, during the search for faith

Friend Ohdah translation of the meanings of the Quran in English, if the opening of the moon read Psorp

(Close to broke at the Moon), said Will bolt

Moon? .. Ansd then to read the rest of the Koran was not maintained seconds.

On the day, sitting in front of the British television program to watch on the BBC

C which enter into a host of scientists from the three Americans and that they had Iatb America

Millions, but billions of dollars spent in the conquest of space projects at a time when the go

Millions out of poverty, leaving scientists justify that frequently reported in all areas

Agricultural, industrial, etc. ...

Then came one of the largest cost of flights has been on the surface of the moon and some charged

100 billion dollars Vsolhm Host ironing put a U.S. flag on the Moon

You are spending that amount?? Responded that they were scientists studying the internal structure of this

To see the extent of similarity to the ground and then someone said: we were surprised about is the wondrous belt

Metamorphic rocks of the cut surface of the moon to the surface Geoffh Voattiyna

This information to geologists Vtaajabua and decided that there can only be done

That the moon has split in one day and then docked and be a rock

The mutant resulting from a collision with a moment of docking.

Daoud Mousa, then goes Petkok: jumped on the seat and shouted out a miracle

Place of Muhammad, peace be upon him from more than 1400 years in the heart of the desert

God fun for Americans to spend billions of dollars even Ithbtoha

Muslims sure that this is the right religion ...

Surat Al-Qamar was a cause of Islam after the cause of the symptoms of Islam

So, Allah

And hope to those who have similar story about the miracles of the Prophet and by the Inimitability here to take a lesson and MORAL